Monthly Archives: February 2013

PR in Mass Media

Oftentimes, Public Relations is portrayed in the media as event planning and partying. For example, in the 2008 film Sex and the City, Samantha works in the Public Relations field. She has it all – the model boyfriend, the nice apartment on the beach, the expensive car, she attends countless events and she is almost always shopping. While all of these things could easily be a perk of working in the PR field, it aso glamorizes Public Relations. Hardly do you ever see the research or planning phases of the events Samantha plans. Viewers are only exposed to the outcome of Samantha’s job – money. I believe this image is harmful to the field because it is not 100% accurate.

Currently, ABC’s hit show, Scandal, is what viewers see as Public Relations. The show is based on Olivia Pope, a fixer in Washington, D.C. She mostly deals with crises involving politicians. This show gives viewers a more realistic sense of what Public Relations is about. Viewers get to witness Olivia’s strategies and tactics for program planning. The show thrives on its unpredictability. Most times, an event occurs and Olivia is forced to quickly devise a strategy to fix the situation at hand. This is a helpful image to the Public Relations field because it is more accurate. So while I believe PR has been portrayed as glamorous clothes, cars and perks, I also believe society is making steps toward a more realistic portrayal and understanding of what the Public Relations field consists of.