TOTW 4: Securing a Job in PR

tumblr_inline_mkhkaxXRzY1qz4rgpThree things that I have done to secure a job in Public Relations:

  1. Internships- I have already completed 3 Public Relations-related internships. My first internship was at City Hall, working for Council member Aaron Watson. My second internship was for an Atlanta-based online magazine, Layllah Magazine. And I am currently working as a Public Relation/Marketing intern at Merritt & Merritt Law Firm here in Statesboro.
  2. Networking- These internships have enabled me to network with numerous people who may assist me in the future. These people are contacts for potential employers, as well as the employers themselves.
  3. Job Postings- This may not seem like a way to secure a job, but I constantly check job postings, especially on Craigslist. Checking the postings help me to figure out what types of positions will be available when I graduate, and in what cities. I constantly receive e-mail updates from Creative Jobs Central, who post Marketing/Public Relations jobs. I also follow Market Jobs USA on Twitter, who post Marketing jobs and internships daily.

3 things I must do in the future to secure a job:

  1. Networking- I will continue to network anywhere that I can. I can never meet too many people, as they could all be of assistance to me at some point. As people say, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.
  2. Portfolio- I can continue building my resume with projects my current and future internships and classes. The more quality work I add to it, the more impressive it will be.
  3. Business cards- I want to create my own business cards to portray myself as a professional. This is the easiest way to network. I can always have them with me. If I happen to hand my card to the right person/people, it could land me a job.

12 thoughts on “TOTW 4: Securing a Job in PR

  1. sh04090

    Briana, the information that you provided seems to be very credible based on the great internships that you have held in the past. One thing that really stuck out to me in your post was the idea of networking leading to landing internships and jobs. Also a previous intern of Layllah Magazine, I understand the importance of networking. I met Makeda Roots, the owner of Layllah, through a women in business networking event in Atlanta and scored an internship just by going up to her introducing myself and presenting my interest in the magazine industry. Good job pointing out the importance of networking! I know that this is something that can help people in various industries, not just PR. Good work!

  2. Lindsey McCormick

    Briana, first of all, way to go on your experience! The fact that you already have had three internships is great. I completely agree with you on all six points that you made. You shouldn’t doubt checking job postings as not being a way to secure a job. I think that constantly checking new job posts is a great way to snag a job, especially if you are one of the first people to see it and apply. It is also a good way to get an internship. I like that you are constantly seeking new networking opportunities, as am I. Especially being college students, it is crucial that we stay on out A game in terms of networking. You are exactly right when you say “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

  3. ed01260

    You seem to be ahead of the game! You are completely right about the internships and networking. The more experience you have, the more a company will want to higher you. I have never though about looking on Craigslist for a job. Also, I completely agree that it is very important to meet and connect with as many people possible. Great idea about the business cards! Easy and simple way to get your name out there.

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  6. nadinebenjamin

    Briana, these are great insights! I too am currently working on the things you said that you need to work on. Having a portfolio is something that is crucial when portraying to professionals your skillets. Just like you have stated, when making your business cards it is important to stick out. The same goes with your portfolio. Not only is the information in the portfolio needing to be perfect, the way your display needs to be as well.

  7. peytongrace

    I completely agree with your thoughts about how important it is to network and presenting yourself well through a portfolio or business card. You really want to get your name out there in as many ways as possible and look professional while you do it. I think you are taking great strides towards securing your future job!

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  10. sethadonahue

    I agree with your tips on securing a job in the PR field. Seems like you won’t have ANY trouble finding a job after graduation, with all of the internships that you’ve done. I definitely think that internships are a key aspect of finding a job, not just in PR, but in any field. Employers want to hire someone with experience. I’ve also come to find out that joining PRSSA while in college wouldn’t hurt either.

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