Comments on Other Blogs

Comments on Classmates’ Blogs:

  1. “Knowing the Basics of PR Is A Must” (Lindsey McCormick)

    • Lindsey, your post is spot-on. Many people think that PR is just that, but the tasks of PR professionals overlap with other fields such as journalism, advertising and marketing. Understanding every element of PR is something you can only obtain through an introductory course.
  2. “All Should Take a Look into Public Relations Despite their Major” (markowitzhay)  –

    • You made some very good points in this post. Intro courses will help people considering a PR job, as well as those who are unsure about PR, clear up any misconceptions about the field. I never thought about the fact that it makes you a more conscious consumer/ PR audience member.
  3. “Topic of the Week 4” ()-
    • I also believe an introductory course definitely helps you more than it can hurt you. You learn skills applicable to any field. Also, for those who are undeclared, they can get a glimpse into what PR consists of, and possibly declare it their major.
  4. “Scandal: Is it Good for PR?” (Shauntel Hall) –

    • As a Scandal fanatic, I agree 100% with this post. In fact, I wrote a similar post. I think that Scandal shows people more than the glamorous aspects of PR. It shows all the nitty gritty elements, especially relating to crisis management.
  5. “Blog Post #3” (stefsmalls8) –

    • This sounds like an incredible experience! When you first think diversity, you don’t think musical diversity. I enjoyed reading about this event! :)
  6. “The Portrayal of PR in Mass Media” (sethdonahue) –

    • Seth, I agree with this 100 percent! PR is only seen as a glamorous job. The long hours and hard work put into planning, strategizing and creating an effective tactic are rarely showcased. I think people lump Communications professionals together because there is a general misunderstanding about what each of these jobs – Journalists, Advertisers, Marketers and PR Professionals – are about.

Comments on Mrs. Andrews’ Blogs:

  1. “5 Advisement Reminders”
    • Mrs. Andrews,
      These were very helpful tips. I did all of these things before my advisement appointment and I was in and out in about 10 minutes.
      I suppose this would go under “Bring your tentative schedule” but my only suggestion would be to ALWAYS have back-up classes. I’ve learned that you can never ensure your spot in the classes you want, no matter how badly you need them.
  2. “Ethics vs. Job Obligations: The Internship Experience”
    • This is a slippery slope. I personally feel that to an extent, it would be “making up” a quote because those specific words did not come out of that person’s mouth. But I feel that with their thorough examination and approval, it is okay to use that quote. I would tell this person: If your BOSS is the one who has directed you to create a quote, it should make you feel a little better about it on a professional level, because there is little room for you to be seen as faulty. But if it personally makes you feel uneasy, I’d say try to find a happy medium. You could send the person to be interviewed a short e-mail detailing the topic and they could send back a number of quotes for you to choose from. (No one is too busy to e-mail.) I would also suggest not to continue the trend working for any future companies because normally you do not make up quotes at all, as that is a very serious offense in the Journalism community.
  3. “Are you the Next Public Relations Student of the Year?”

    • If I had a portfolio worthy of this award, I would definitely apply this year. Because I am only in my Introductory courses, I have a very small and unimpressive portfolio, but I do hope to apply for this award in upcoming years. It would be a great achievement!

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