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A #3 PR Blog Review

Blog word.After exploring 9 blogs devoted to the topic of Public Relations, I chose the 3 that would be the most beneficial resources for any Public Relations professional.

Holtz Communication + Technology – I like Shel Holtz’s blog for a number of reasons.

  1. Holtz’s blog focuses on the rising trend of social media and social networks. This is currently one of the most prevalent topics in today’s society. Holtz highlights what companies are doing to improve their social media presence and become more interactive with their audiences.
  2. I also like that Holtz keeps up with the most current events and information. His blog is like CNN for Communications. Holtz even has “Quick News” and podcasts in most of his posts, to make it easy for the reader to determine what information is most important to them. This blog would be a useful resource for anyone interested in keeping up with Communications’ current events, especially pertaining to social media.

Spin Sucks

  1. “Spin Sucks” combines the current events in the formal Communications world with occasional informal posts, like “Beer Blogging: If Your Blog Was A Beer…” (The post suggests tips on how to keep your blog relevant and engaging to your viewers.) This, to me, makes the blog moreĀ relatableĀ  to people my age (in their early 20’s) because it has a business, yet casual feel to it.
  2. I like that the blog delves into the worlds of both Public Relations and Marketing because they almost go hand-in-hand. With PR as my major and Marketing as my minor, these are topics especially beneficial to me and others in my position.
  3. “The Three Things” – The 3 things is the weekly update of three links, podcasts, videos, or books readers should know about. It’s similar to a recap of the week’s most important (and sometimes random) articles.
  4. Follow Friday includes the Twitter pages of PR, Marketing and Advertising professionals. These professionals give you a first-hand look at the world of Communications. This blog would be a useful resource for anyone looking for a fun “spin” on the PR field.

Brian Solis – Defining the Convergence of Media & Influence

  1. Brian Solis’ blog explores the effects of technology on business, marketing, and our culture as Americans. Solis is a digital analyst at the Altimeter Group. His blog features articles on almost anything relating to business or marketing, from sources like the Wall Street Journal and other experts.
  2. Like Spin Sucks analyzes both Public Relations and Marketing, Solis’ blog merges the worlds of Public Relations and business. His updates are not just on issues in the PR field, but issues in the business world as well.
  • The article that grabbed my attention was “Angel Investor and Entourage Actor Adrian Grenier Starts Music Incubator“. Entourage is a favorite of mine, so I was interested to read anything involving Adrian Grenier. To my surprise, Grenier is the co-founder and entrepreneur of a number of his own companies. This blog would be a useful resource for those interested in what is going on in the PR and business worlds.