Georgia Southern University Participates in No Impact Week 2014

By Briana Davis and Adrienne Glover,

Georgia Southern University Participates in No Impact Week 2014

Georgia Southern University is celebrating No Impact Week 2014 from April 13 to April 19, 2014. No Impact Week includes activities for every designated day of the week: Sunday is Consumption Day; Monday is Trash Day; Tuesday is Food Day; Wednesday is Transportation Day; Thursday is Energy Day; Friday is Water Day and Saturday is Giving Back.

No Impact Week is a based on Colin “No Impact Man” Beaven’s No Impact Experiment living a low sustainability lifestyle for a year in New York City. Schools and universities modeled the No Impact Experiment by transforming it into a week-long “carbon-cleanse”. The activities are designed to decrease environmental impact. 

“We show people how to be more sustainable and how we can have less of an impact on the planet and on our university,” the Center for Sustainability’s Graduate Assistant Christina Beslin said.

Center for Sustainability Supports the Cause

Georgia Southern’s Center for Sustainability aims to increase education and awareness of on-campus and community sustainability issues. For each day of No Impact Week the Center for Sustainability sets up activities for students to participate in.

These activities include sustainability exhibits, a Lunar Eclipse viewing, a community bike ride, an Earth Day celebration and a display of Georgia Southern’s ecological footprint. Most of the activities are held at the rotunda and offer giveaways such as t-shirts and food.

Farmer’s Market

The No Impact Week activity that attracts the most people is the on-campus Farmer’s Market. Here students can buy locally grown, organic fruits, vegetables and meals. Hunter Cattle was one of the many vendors at the Food Day Farmer’s Market. The company prepares grass-fed beef, pastured pork and free-range chicken and eggs.

“I only came to the Farmer’s Market to look around. I ended up buying a burger from Hunter Cattle that made me want to come back,” Senior Alecia Tyler said.

 Students can register for No Impact Week individually or with their University here.


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